Analytics Implementation

A solid analytics setup should provide your business with the right insight and answers to be enable you to effectively improve your digital results. Without this you are effectively running blind and potentially wasting a huge amount of budget on non-performing channels or tactics.

In addition, data overload can be crippling for many businesses. Data is meaningless unless you know how to interpret it and pin point the metrics that are really going to make a difference for your business.

Most businesses I work with have some challenges around their analytics setup. Whether it’s issues around data integrity, or lack of technical setup to track the metrics that matter. I help businesses define a measurement framework that makes sense for them. This is then used to optimise any existing setup or guide a new implementation of Google Analytics and, if beneficial, Google Tag Manager.

If you’d like to discuss your current data & analytics challenges then email me or contact me here.

Services I offer include:

Google Analytics & Tag Management Implementation

Google Analytics Audit

Using a thorough framework, I can audit and identify any issues or opportunities with your existing implementation. I can help you understand the severity of any issues found and implement any fixes, or coordinate with your internal team to roll out any solutions.

Advanced Analytics Setup

Depending on the complexity of your business or website, I can help bring your tracking to the next level with custom events, goals or the capability to track new layers and depth of data.